We pride ourselves on being a family friendly practice. We offer many a wide range of standard dental services and take further pride in the quality of our care and the professionalism of our staff.

Our Story

Right around the time that Dr. Stark was coming into the world, one of the first dentists in Salt Lake City area was establishing a small dental practice. That man was Dr. George Warr, and little did he know that fate would bring him and Dr. Stark together. Just as Dr. Warr was looking to retire, Dr. Stark was looking for a job. They met in Dr. Warr’s waiting room one afternoon, and in an exciting and surprising turn of events, Dr. Warr sold his practice to Dr. Stark after little more than a handshake. To say that Dr. Stark was excited would be an understatement–he was so excited that he promptly locked his keys in his car.

A few months later, Dr. Stark began the task of filling Dr. Warr’s sizable shoes. More than a few things have changed since then. Dr. Stark has surrounded himself with highly talented staff and moved the office to South Jordan, Utah Some things, however, have stayed the same. Dr. Stark has worked hard to preserve the qualities that created such loyalty among the patients that stuck with Dr. Warr over the years–the simple things that matter in any relationship–trust, honesty,and friendliness.

Why Us?

We are trying to change the way perceive modern dentistry one patient at a time.

We committed to giving our customers as many options as possible. We understand that, while we may know what is best for your teeth, it may not be what is easiest or most affordable for you at the time. We are dedicated to accommodating our customers. We believe, whole heartedly, the customer is always right.

We do our best to treat patients with respect, telling them upfront all the associated costs and time commitments for any of the dental work we perform. We have a variety of affordable options and will do our best to make all of our care affordable for you. We value your time and go to great lengths to ensure that you don’t waste any of your valuable time. We’re proud to say the average wait time in our office is under 8 minutes.

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