How do I find your office?

We are just 1.5 miles off the 106th South exit of I-15. Our office complex is on the North East corner of South Jordan Parkway (10400S.) and 1300 W. Our building the Eastern most building and we are in suite #204. The easiest place to park is on the East end after working your way through the complex and crossing the bridge. You can then cross the footbridge and take the elevator up to the second floor. You do have to enter the building through the North or East doors.

What are your hours?

Our hours are by appointment, but we are available to personally answer your call Monday through Thursday. We work by appointment because we want to make sure our schedule can fit your schedule. For example, if you can only come in on Saturdays, we have other patients with the same needs. We will group you together and open usually at least one Saturday each month. The same goes for patients who would like to come in before or after work. Please let us know if you need special schedule arrangements.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Dentistry can be expensive, but putting off problems is often several times more expensive. Aside from major credit cards and outside financing we offer layaway plans and in house payment plans for 3 months on most procedures.