Football Mouthguards

Custom Football Mouthguards

We are the custom mouthguard provider for the University of Utah football team, and we make mouthguards for many high schools around the valley. Custom mouthguards have several advantages:

1. They stay in on their own, allowing players to talk more easily.

2. Often when a player is hit his mouthguard will come out, placing the athlete in harms way if a second hit occurs. Custom mouthgaurds stay in even when taking a hit.

3. Oxygen flow is greater.

4. From head to toe, today’s athletes wear what the pros wear. Why not wear the mouthguard the pros wear?

5. Cost is similar to high end non-custom mouthguards.

We can also place numbers or logos in your mouthguard (provided by the patient) to personally customize your mouthguard.

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